Kalle Nio ⎪Magician/Visual Artist

September 07, 2021 Makeshift Company Season 3 Episode 7
Kalle Nio ⎪Magician/Visual Artist
Show Notes

Kalle Nio is a magician and visual artist based in Finland. He is co-drector/founder of the theatre company WHS and the recipient of numerous awards including the Finnish state prize for Multidisciplinary Art and the Helsinki Cultural Prize.

In this episode he and host Emma Lister discuss Lähtö (Départ), a beautiful, uncategorizable theatre piece which he directs and performs in, as well as the connections between magic and early cinema, why Victorian magicians inspire him most and his 2016 piece, Cutting Edge.

Kalle is another interview in our artist chain after having been nominated by Adrian Berry in the previous episode!

Lähtö  trailer
Cutting Edge trailer

The 3 questions...

Was there a piece of art that changed everything for you?
Philippe Genty's Dédale

Was there a piece of art that you didn't like but that you think has value?
Xavier Le Roy's Untitled

Who should the listeners know about who they may not?
Tin Grabnar, theatre director of Somewhere Else