Gavin Sutherland | Conductor

September 19, 2023 Makeshift Company Season 6 Episode 3
Gavin Sutherland | Conductor
Show Notes

Gavin Sutherland is a conductor, composer and orchestrator who specials in dance—he’s conducted for Northern Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Royal New Zealand Ballet,  Norwegian and Finnish National Ballet as well as English National Ballet where he is principal guest conductor. He and Emma discuss his career as a conductor that starting aged 18, his favourite joke to tell an orchestra and why certain music has the power to pull on our heartstrings.

Holst's Jupiter conducted by Susanna Mälkki

The three questions...

What piece of art changed everything?
The Towpath a paint by Christopher Nevinson, has a personal reason as well as artistic for being your pick.

What piece of art do you nor like, but respect?
Not a (Mark) Rothko fan, but I understand its scale and complexity in so few elements of its construction.

Give us a recommendation...
The symphonies of
Sir Arnold Bax