Charlotte Maclet | First Violinist

September 12, 2023 Makeshift Company Season 6 Episode 2
Charlotte Maclet | First Violinist
Show Notes

Charlotte Maclet is an award winning violinist who first performed a Mendelssohn concerto at age nine! She has performed as a soloist in her native France and abroad. She led the acclaimed quartet Camerata Alma Viva and is now first violinist for Zaïde Quartet. She and Emma discuss her recent recording with Zaïde, Invisible, which places the music of Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann alongside the more famous men who share a surname, how to lead a quartet as democratically as possible and why she chose life in chamber music over a solo career.

Quatuor Zaïde
Buy their record: Invisible

The 3 Questions:

What piece of art changed everything for you?
The work of Gustav Klimt

What piece of art do you respect rather than like?
The work of Marina Abrahmovitch

Give us a recommendation...
Listen to Glen Gould! And read Haruki Murakami's Absolutely On Music