Anders Duckworth | Choreographer

September 22, 2022 Makeshift Company Season 4 Episode 7
Anders Duckworth | Choreographer
Show Notes

Anders  Duckworth is a British/Swedish choreographer. With training in both design and dance, their work blurs movement, fashion and visual arts. Constantly seeking new collaborations, they have choreographed for short film, installations, and theatrical pieces.  Anders was selected as a Work Place Artist at The Place in London until 2026.

In this interview, Anders and Emma talk about their new piece, Mapping Gender, how to rehearse in an 18th century dress, working with an olfactory artist and why it's impossible for a map to be unbiased.

Mapping Gender
  premieres at London's The Place on 28 September, 2022, and will tour to Cambridge Junctions and Worthing Theatres and Museum.

Jerry Brotton's A History of the World in Twelve Maps

The dress from the V&A collection.

The 3 Questions...

Piece that changed everything?
Hussein Chalayan ready to wear, fall, 2000


Piece that you don’t like but think has value?
'Whaam!', Roy Lichtenstein (1963)


Who/what should we know about that we may not?
Maresa von Stockert, Alethia Antonia, Elinor Lewis (and her company Plue).