Alesandra Seutin | Choreographer

September 01, 2022 Makeshift Company Season 4 Episode 4
Alesandra Seutin | Choreographer
Show Notes

Alesandra Seutin is an award-winning multidisciplinary performance artist and choreographer who works internationally between Senegal, Belgium and the UK. She leads two international touring dance performance companies: Vocab Dance which she founded 2007 and she is also Co-Artistic Director of the famed École des Sables. Alesandra is an artistic advisor at Sadler’s Wells, where she is also Guest Artistic Director of National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) for the second year running. In 2022 she worked with the young dancers of the current NYDC cohort to create a new show Quartier Paradis

In this episode host Emma Lister and she discuss the vital ways movement can be influenced by voice, new dance hierarchies, how French magical realist film, Night of Kings, part inspired her piece for NYDC…and the relevancy of Eurovision Song Contest! 


The 3 Questions...

Was there a piece of art that changed everything for you? 

Dakar Biennale 


Was there a piece of art that you think has value but don’t necessarily like?

Eurotrash pop music


What/who should we check out that we may not know about?... 

 Dushime music maker/actor